Earlier today, CommentaryMagazine.com posted a story stating that a district in Germany has just ruled circumcision to be illegal. You can imagine the aroma of former Nazism flowing the corridors of Germany today—the crouching fear of a resurrected anti-semitism. The case arose out of an ill-performed circumcision on a muslim boy. Amidst the event, some are exclaiming that it is not right for parents to choose a faith for their children, therefore it is unlawful. In this case, the court said that circumcision is inflicting damage on the child, and thus is in no way protected by religious freedom. Many from all sorts of sides are claiming poor logic within the court’s verdict. How should Christians respond to this, even in America? We should always stand up for the freedom of religion with solid logical reason—even if its for another religion. The primary reason for a Christian to do so is that once a case in the courts succeeds for one religion, it will inevitably be applied to another (i.e., Orthodox Christianity). If flags are not waived soon state-side concerning this case, religious rituals being banned will continue as a trend here. It is no secret that whatever political or sociological movements arise in Europe, they soon develop in North America as well. Remember, biblical Christianity is only safe in this country so as long as Separation of Church and State and Religious Freedom of Expression are safeguarded.  So, toot your horns bloggers. Pastors. Parents. Even atheists are threatened in an instance like this.


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