After spending a week in Minneapolis with some DesiringGod crew—Christ saturated, Gospel-centered Christians—I felt so eagerly passionate about Christ. I am determined to keep that passion aflame. However, when I returned home and I felt the onslaught of my workload with school—there arose a huge fight to be fought. A battle that quickly waged into war. I see now, that my greatest periods of temptation in life occur while in school. When I wake, I think school. When I eat, I think of school. …in bed. … in the shower. … with family.  If you can imagine for a second standing before Jesus—in all of his majesty on his throne in a paradisal heaven. Then, behold! Out of no where comes a cyclone that is saturated with worldly things caught up in its snarly winds. Stuck in this motion of the cyclone, my mind is occupied about my life. I’m trying to keep myself from being attacked by all the objects caught in this cyclonic throwing motion. Pianos, trees, cars, cows, etc., are wizzing past my head at 150 miles/hr. Even though I am being whizzed in front of Christ, he has ordained me to be caught up in this dangerous cyclonic battle before his throne where my mind is so easily occupied. The heavenly host will continue to sing praise, and all I can hear is the howling winds whizzing past my wind-blistered ears. I want so painfully to get out of this monster of a storm and leave its grip that I can go before the throne and worship with a clear heart— unaffected by anything other than a Jesus all-or-nothing attitude.

Have any of you experienced this same thing? If so, leave a comment.