The ultimate point of discipleship is so you can replicate all of Jesus in yourself. When Jesus is in front (Mk 1:20) of us, you see him in every scene of life. He will always be taking up space within your span of sight. When you are talking with children, you see Jesus between you and them. When you are doing clothes, cooking a meal, or slaving away at work, you should see him between you and your labors.

Now, what does that mean when you are up to no good? Seeing Jesus between you and your mischief will annoy or convict you. You will either act like a Pharisee or like Peter. You will try to kill him—move him out of your life. Or, you will fall to your knees and say, “O Lord! I am not worthy to be your disciple.”

Like Jesus is taking the disciples in Mark 1:16-20, he also is taking us Christians. He disciples us in two ways. One is through life experiences and the other is through the words of scripture. Nothing, and I mean nothing is as important as being discipled by Jesus through scripture. Some think they don’t need to go to church or to read the Bible because God is inside them and he teaches. That is like the school children who say they don’t need to read their assignments, they just need to watch the movie. Then on test day, they fail miserably. They misinterpret the film, wrongly judge the characters in it, and miss the entire plot altogether. Then, when they receive their grade, they are shocked. When you rely solely on the films of life around you to play out so you can “learn” about God, you are setting yourself up for a failing grade on judgment day. Life will do a poor job in telling you what God’s view is on love, enemies, respect, work, worship, church, parenting, etc. The greatest source to learn these things is directly from God.

Since Jesus is fully God, and his great book is where his words lie, the greatest place to learn is from that book. To live our lives exactly the way Jesus would, we must sit with him, have coffee with him, talk to him, and keep him in front of us in everything. And we do that with our knees on the ground, and this book in our hands.

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