In all honesty. This is for Mom. I have a great relationship with my mom. I became a Christian in my bedroom with the Bible open. It was there that these words became a reality in my life:

When our eyes are opened by the influences of divine grace, we then shall begin to think of ourselves as we ought to think, even, that God is all, and we are less than nothing.{{1}}

Soon after, I began to quote scripture “at” my mom concerning sin. Those moments would go a little something like this.

[Phone Rings]…

“Josh. Can you get that and tell them I’m not here.”

“Sorry mom. I can’t. You know God doesn’t like that. It’s lying. In Romans 1, Paul talks about how liars are in the same category as murderers. He really doesn’t like lying.”

You should have seen her expression the first time something like that happened! Priceless.

So, while I was away from the house, she’d read my Bible to do the same thing—quote scripture back at me. However, her eyes were open too in the process. God has a beautiful humor doesn’t he? So, since we lost everything in Katrina we have finally come to gain everything—Jesus as Lord, the greatest gift in the universe. We’ve been growing into Christ Jesus together and working out our salvation arm in arm.

Recently, I was chatting with her about worship music. I told her this. For me, there is nothing like exegetical Christian Rap. And when I let her in on some of it, her ears couldn’t adjust. All in all, it was funny to watch her to struggle listening. But, the point I tried to get across to her is Lecrae, Trip Lee, Shai Linne and so many others, are to me what Shane & Shane are to others. I get motivated to share the Gospel, to live out the implications of the Gospel, and to even strengthen the priority of the Gospel in my house as a husband and father. But unfortunately, my mom had a hard time listening because of the background music I suppose.

What you see above is Trip Lee bringing the Gospel off the cuff, impromptu, with lyrical beauty. Trip Lee is certainly gifted to be one of the best gospel rap artists. According to Google, his most popular song is “The Invasion (Hero) Ft. Jai“. So here, if you’ve had a hard time grasping all the hype on Christian rap, this is for you—solely Trip Lee lyrics. No background music. No flashy lights. Just a servant and his gift, magnifying Christ.

Love you Mom.

Trip Lee 'The Good Life' [New Album]

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[[1]]The Works of George Whitefield, 1:2.[[1]]