Here we will be keeping track of the annihilation of Christian peoples around the world as Isis & other radical militants build their caliphate. This is an effort to awaken the public’s eyes to the severity of world-wide persecution against the Church.

  1. 21 Coptic Christians are kidnapped by ISIS and brutally tortured. Read more.
  2. The 21 Christians are beheaded while remaining faithful. Read more.
  3. Assyrian Church is decimated by explosives on Easter Sunday. Read more.
  4. Convert, pay tax, or die ultimatum in Iraq. Read more.
  5. Iraqi TV host weeps at the actions against Christians in Iraq. Read more.
  6. Military tanks explode Christian villages & 50% of Iraqi Christians are exiled. Read more.
  7. Somali militants execute 147 students after separating Christians from Muslims. Read more.
  8. A Yazidi and Christian Exodus takes place in Iraq, while thousands are raped &/or murdered. Read more.
  9. ISIS makes a literal river of Christians’ blood to fulfill one of their prophecies. Read more.