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Tag: sermon

Choctaw People Cry for God: Insights on Exegesis, Translation, and Books

What insights do the Choctaw people lend us? When our people cry, "O minister! Send us more God!" how should we respond?

Wearing the Gospel from God | Mark 1:14-15

Mark displays the centrality to Jesus' ministry was getting the Gospel out. This sermon sets the foundation through which Jesus heals and addresses conflict. That is, Jesus acts out in everything through his priority of preaching the Gospel. For us, we can be inspired to do all things through the inspiration that the Gospel gives.

Esteem the Servant of Salvation | Mark 1:9-13

A sermon preached at Dupont Baptist Church. Embrace the description God the Father gives to His own Son, by letting go of our feeble understandings of Christ, and making the Father's our own. Enjoy the vivid details of the Messiah given in Psalm 2 and the Isaiah Servant songs.

Prepare the World for the Coming King | Mark 1:1-8

A sermon preached at Dupont Baptist Church. Listen in on how Mark points to John's unwavering devotion to prepare the world for the Coming King. See what it is God wants us to learn from his life, so that we too can prepare the world for the Coming King of Glory.

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