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Tag: scripture

Choctaw People Cry for God: Insights on Exegesis, Translation, and Books

What insights do the Choctaw people lend us? When our people cry, "O minister! Send us more God!" how should we respond?

Interesting Stats on Internet Use for “Religious People” & Ed Young’s Opinion

Yesterday, ChurchMag reported some new research

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The Priority of the Hebrew Scriptures in Soteriology

Jesus is central to discussing soteriology (Calvinism, Arminianism, etc.). The Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures is central to soteriology. However, since the OT is the foundation on which the NT stands, our discussion on soteriology begins with Moses and the Prophets. So why do we not hear anyone talking about soteriology from its great foundation—the Hebrew Bible?

Perousia & Purpose

It has been a while since I’ve posted a blog. The length of my absence was driven by a combination of school and the new pastoral position I had taken. Things are less tied up in my schedule and so now, I plan to return.


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5 Ways Jesus Saves You Money

Through the Spiritual Disciplines that the New Testament recommends for Christians, a person can really save some money. For those going through some tight situations monetarily, I recommend you take a look.

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