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Tag: prayer

Help get my letter to Dr. Hankins for the targeted Fathers of our Faith

I wrote a letter to LBC Exec. Dir., Dr. Hankins asking to plead with Dr. Aguillard at Louisiana College for the Fathers of our Faith. He is yet to respond. Will you please take a copy to him for us?

Michael B. Shepherd on God’s People, City, and Glory

Michael Shepherd lends commentary on the book of Daniel concerning the motive that God saves his people and his city—for his own name's sake.

Carson on The God of Power

D.A. Carson offers an inspiring quote on the God of Power and how we should be calling for his glory to be magnified.

David Platt on Inviting Jesus

David Platt on modern evangelism's superstitious prayer.

5 Ways Jesus Saves You Money

Through the Spiritual Disciplines that the New Testament recommends for Christians, a person can really save some money. For those going through some tight situations monetarily, I recommend you take a look.

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