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Tag: compassion

Help get my letter to Dr. Hankins for the targeted Fathers of our Faith

I wrote a letter to LBC Exec. Dir., Dr. Hankins asking to plead with Dr. Aguillard at Louisiana College for the Fathers of our Faith. He is yet to respond. Will you please take a copy to him for us?

Wearing the Gospel from God | Mark 1:14-15

Mark displays the centrality to Jesus' ministry was getting the Gospel out. This sermon sets the foundation through which Jesus heals and addresses conflict. That is, Jesus acts out in everything through his priority of preaching the Gospel. For us, we can be inspired to do all things through the inspiration that the Gospel gives.

Mean God Makes Good People?

Research claims that those who profess faith in a forgiving god are less likely to avoid immorality. Rather, they screw up today, and bank on his forgiveness tomorrow. Have people forgotten the speciality of the penal-substitution, and the beauty of the Gospel?

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