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Tag: Calvinism

Help get my letter to Dr. Hankins for the targeted Fathers of our Faith

I wrote a letter to LBC Exec. Dir., Dr. Hankins asking to plead with Dr. Aguillard at Louisiana College for the Fathers of our Faith. He is yet to respond. Will you please take a copy to him for us?

DeYoung on Being “Pastoral”

Kevin DeYoung on being a "pastoral" shepherd in your church. What does the word mean and what does it imply for pastors? There are some things needing clarification in our churches.

Interesting Stats on Internet Use for “Religious People” & Ed Young’s Opinion

Yesterday, ChurchMag reported some new research

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New Book: Killing Calvinism—How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Theology from the Inside

A New book from a Calvinist to Calvinists on how to not kill off a perfectly good doctrine. You must see the Table of Contents.

The Priority of the Hebrew Scriptures in Soteriology

Jesus is central to discussing soteriology (Calvinism, Arminianism, etc.). The Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures is central to soteriology. However, since the OT is the foundation on which the NT stands, our discussion on soteriology begins with Moses and the Prophets. So why do we not hear anyone talking about soteriology from its great foundation—the Hebrew Bible?

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