Praise Him who is worthy of all affection! In the recent two weeks, I have benefited from an answer to a long invested prayer: grant me a prayerful heart. I had no idea what would come from that prayer. Now I do! Every waking second that I spend on earth, I cannot but help commune with the Lord! His love is flooding into my heart like a mighty ocean. At any moment I feel the urge to shout “O the deep deep love of Jesus! Vast! Unmeasured! Boundless! Free! Rolling as a might ocean in its fullness over me!”

Praying for a prayerful heart has been one of the greatest prayers I have ever put up to the Lord. I cannot help praying for everything—from installing a child’s car seat, to sustaining me in my studies, lulling my son to sleep, help me get the stain out of the carpet. What is greater is the more I speak with the Lord Jesus out of the desperation of my heart, the more I want to speak with him. It is indeed an exponential journey of ever increasing prayerfulness.

How did this fire set ablaze in my heart? Well, after my first year of knowing Christ as a justified sinner, I started to wain in my prayer life. I felt dirty, wicked, ugly, and desperate for help because of it. It was like being chained in a room with padded walls. And the only time I could see Jesus was when I looked through this 4×4″ glass hole in the door—which was so thick I couldn’t hear a word he was saying; of course, except for the occasional post-it note letters he’d slide underneath the door. With being in my straightjacket though, I could barely even read them. Often, I would be too weak to even fall to the ground to read it. What a dark place it was!

Then, I was given such a marvelous opportunity to visit the Pastor’s Conference in Minneapolis, MN in February of 2011. What an experience! Before I left, I squeezed out petty prayers of “Lord, please use this trip to mutually encourage our faiths!” Boy, I had no idea the miracle he would work in my life! At the conference, one morning a speaker jumped on stage with a shout, “grab your brother next to you, and pray for his life and the Body of Christ all around the world that there would be a spirit of prayer to sweep the globe!” So we did. How invigorating! Ever since that day, the Lord has graciously overflowed that request answered into my life! I cannot get enough of his presence.

In fact, one morning I awoke at 3:34 AM. I felt convicted to pray for three people—so I did. Wow! I praise the Lord for his grace in giving me this gift of loving communication with Him! May your spirit complete the work it has started until the day we meet face to face O Lord!