Your method of instructing will always mirror the one of your mentor’s. If you have a professorly mentor, then your teaching method will be like that of a professor. If you have a preachy instructor, then you will likely be preachy in your teaching. So, what does this mean for seminary students? This means that if most of the seminary students are being taught mostly by intellectually-minded professors, then that is the type of prospective pastors they will create: intellectually driven pastors who lack a drive in the heart. However, what if a student could be trained up by a pastor in seminary? What if that student would be trained up by nothing but pastors? What if the professors saw Greek, Hebrew, Church History, etc., as a ministry opportunity to stir one’s heart by the fire of the gospel? Then, that is exactly what the seminary will produce: a passionate heart-fealt gospel-centered pastor who sees everything he does as a ministry opportunity to stir another’s heart. But, where can we find this? As far as I know, Bethlehem College and Seminary is the only one. If there are others I sure would like to know. A good brother of mine in the Lord teaches there (Jason Meyer). And, thanks to the Lord’s use of him, I realize that I need to persevere through my formal education at Louisiana College to not lose focus of my affections for Christ and keep the heart in mind at all times.

Any thoughts?