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Bill Hull on Pastoral “Wanna Be” Athletes

The pastor is “to prepare God’s people for works of service” (Ephesians 4:12). Conditioning for ministry is the real need of God’s people. This is God’s priority for His people. The battle

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Baxter on Seeing the Throne before the Pulpit

Baxter talks on how we should be pursuing the presence of God on his throne in the study—that is the one who moves hearts from the pulpit.

Choctaw People Cry for God: Insights on Exegesis, Translation, and Books

What insights do the Choctaw people lend us? When our people cry, "O minister! Send us more God!" how should we respond?

John Calvin on Appreciating the Applied Gospel Story

John Calvin talks about the proper response of man's appreciation he ejects towards God when he properly views what God has saved him from.

Lemuel Haynes on Accepting a Job as a Pastor

Lemuel Haynes, the first African-American to be ordained by any religious body in America (1785), speaks on the careful God-fearing spirit a man must have in view of the pastorate.

Why We Must Fight for the Rights of Muslims and Jews.

A plea for Christians for fight for the rights of others' religions for the sake of our own.

Interesting Stats on Internet Use for “Religious People” & Ed Young’s Opinion

Yesterday, ChurchMag reported some new research

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Whitefield on Repentance

George Whitefield speaks about the depth necessary for genuine repentance.

David Platt on Inviting Jesus

David Platt on modern evangelism's superstitious prayer.

New Book: Killing Calvinism—How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Theology from the Inside

A New book from a Calvinist to Calvinists on how to not kill off a perfectly good doctrine. You must see the Table of Contents.

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