Every now and then, I come across a book title that really makes me run to the book store. This is one that does that to me. Killing Calvinism: How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Theology from the Inside. By just glancing at the Table of Contents on Amazon, I realized just how of a must read this is for everyone—Calvinists, Non-Calvinists, and those who are on the fence with it.

It seems from the limited preview available on the Introduction to be seen online, that the purpose of the book is to offer “Not to do”s for Calvinists so as to “not…kill off our Calvinism” (pg. 7).

In my opinion, from TOC, I can see that every chapter is one much needed. I can very much relate to the damage I’ve seen done by the young seminarians. Not to mention, I think that this book will be good for non-Calvinists to read so that they can keep their Calvinist brothers accountable by reminding them of the things written here.

John Piper tweeted yesterday: “When this kind of critique and warning come from within a movement, it is a sign of health.”

Here is a snap shot of the TOC:

  1. By Loving Calvinism as an End in Itself
  2. By Becoming a Theologian Instead of a Disciple
  3. By Loving God’s Sovereignty More Than God Himself
  4. By Losing an Urgency in Evangelism
  5. By Learning Only from Other Calvinists
  6. By Tidying Up the Bible’s “Loose Ends”
  7. By Being an Arrogant Know-It-All
  8. By Scoffing at the Hang-ups Others Have with Calvinism