For some of us (myself included, I just can’t help it. It’s a natural reaction), when we hear the verb “to minister,” we immediately think about a Billy-Graham-Esque figure waving his finger preaching with power and authority—even in the settings outside the pulpit, like counseling, or fellowship. That psychological image is more of a freudian thing I guess.

So, if that’s the case, what are we to do with the Biblical mandate: “minister to the Lord” (Acts 13:2, NASB)? Certainly, Mr. Graham wouldn’t stand and wave a finger at God to preach a sermon at him. So, what does it mean then? Well, stumbled across a blog article today whose author does a good job at biblically summarizing this idea.

The common thread seems to be an awesome recognition of the greatness and majesty of the character of God and the recognition of His gracious redemption of His people through His great acts. Ministering to God would then involve an obedient response to God’s character and work, or how worship itself may be defined: “The obedience response to the revealed nature, character, and work of God.” As we worship God then, we are ministering to Him. The more that we understand about who God is and whatHe has done, the more that we can allow Him to renew and remold our minds and our thinking, the more that we will be better able to minister or worship Him.

You may visit Mr. Steele’s blog here.