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Daniel [in 9:3-19]…anticipates that God will restore his people from exile in response to prayer (see Deut 30:3; 1 Kgs 8:46-50). He bases his petition in Dan 9:16-19 not on the merits of the people but on God’s compassion and concern for his own name, the same concern that God had for his name in the exodus from Egypt (Dan 9: 15). In other words, a reproach on God’s people and God’s city is a reproach on God’s name (cf., Exod 32: 11-14). This is the true motive for God’s action. The people are not the center of God’s world. God is the center of God’s world, and the people reap the benefits of that reality (cf., Isa 48:9-11).{{1}}

—Michael B. Shepherd


Quote is from Shepherd’s book Daniel in the Context of the Hebrew Bible. He is Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Louisiana College Caskey School of Divinity. He is also the author of  The Verbal System of Biblical Aramaic and The Twelve Prophets in the New Testament

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[[1]]Michael Shepherd, Daniel in the Context of the Hebrew Bible (New York: Peter Lang, 2009), 96.[[1]]