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Join My Pursuit of Eldership

I’m deeply infatuated with seeking an education at Bethlehem College & Seminary. I’ve mentioned this seminary before in my previous post. The reason I want it, is because I do not want to be subject to the danger of becoming a purely intellectual pastor. With much unsettling eagerness, I want so badly to be a pastor of the heart with a Christ saturated worldview. I feel like BCS offers that. In order to even be considered, you must meet all of the qualifications of the eldership qualities mentioned in 1 Timothy, and the charges mentioned in the other parts of the pastoral epistles should not be neglected. After hanging out with my mentor (Jason Meyer from BCS), I’ve realized I should be pushing for this kind of character REGARDLESS of trying to become a BCS student or not. Why? Because, if you could see the way this guy runs his family, his ministry, his discipleship, his marriage, you would know that this is without a doubt the way Christ intended it. To pursue a life saturated with eldership character is to pursue the exact representation of Jesus—the King of the Cosmos.

So, how do I intend to apply myself to growing my character to that of an elder in the church? Well, I’m going to use ( Check it out. You’ll love it. I ) I plan to arc the entirety of the Pastoral Epistles (1-2 Timothy & Titus). Then, after arcing, through spirit based prayer, I shall soak up what God wants as seen in these arcs and I plan to blog about them. So, this is my invite for you to join my journey with me into becoming an elder-like Christian. This is an invitation to become involved with me and hopefully you too will pursue that same obedient character. Just subscribe to the blog and you will be notified when the new arcs and their notes are published.

Much love to you guys.

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