Yesterday, ChurchMag reported some new research stats from Grey Matter Research and Consulting. ChurchMag created an info graphic to demonstrate these stats. Here are some below. Visit ChurchMag or Grey Matter for the full reporting. This is great for bloggers knowing what audience they are encountering.

The stats could also explain why Ed Young believes his ad hominem against college kids & bloggers is true, which he delivered last Sunday.{{1}}

I’ll just be comfortable [in my Calvinistic Theology]. No wonder the young people like it! It’s sexy and cool. I’m learning stuff. Ahh… it’s just relaxing. I can wear my skinny jeans, v-neck shirts
…a lot of church growth… [Ed bleats] …is swapping sheeple. And we have these cool hip Calvinistic, Reformed churches taking little young 18, 19, 20 something impressionable college kids who want to go—‘deeper’—no they want laziness, because they don’t want to work…
…of all of the social media attacks—and we’re attacked constantly at Fellowship Church…almost all of them are from reformed churches and Calvinistic churches. Almost all of them. All of the negative blogs. All of the negative stuff. Almost all of it, blogs. Basement living, opinion giving. Twenty somethings and thirty somethings sitting in their underwear, still living in their parents house, talking negative crap about people reaching others.”

Here are some of the stats:

  • Of the 43% of people that actually attend a place of worship, only 19% actually visit their official website.
  • 62% of attenders never visit their own church’s website or their place of worship. The same percentage is true for never having visited the website of another place of worship.
  • 10% have liked on Facebook a place of worship
  • 8% participate in religion-oriented discussion online once or more per month
  • 2% follow a place of worship on Twitter
  • 2% follow a place of worship on Twitter

Concerning age groups:

  • 57% under age 35 use internet for religious purposes
  • 48% for ages 35-49 use internet for religious purposes
  • 36% for ages 50-64 use internet for religious purposes
  • 31% for ages 65 and above use internet for religious purposes

Those who attend a place of worship once a month or more, 69% use the internet for spiritual purposes. This is in stark contrast to those who do not attend a place of worship regularly: 27%.

For those who read scripture or another sacred text at least once a month, 70% of them use the internet for religious purposes. For those who do not read scripture regularly: 28%.

Most astoundingly, 91% of evangelicals use the internet for religious purposes.


[[1]] See message titled Cool-Aid Part 4.[[1]]