Daredevil is now released on Netflix. And just like other shows on Netflix, you can binge watch the entire season. Why would Netflix do this? I’m not so sure of the business benefits. But, I definitely think the consumer benefits from better television. This is why: when Netflix makes an original series with the intention of releasing the entire season at once, they know that their users won’t stand for fluff-content. Think about it: you’ve watched 2.5 hours of the season so far, and then you hit a fluff episode. After 2.5 hours, a fluff-episode will just give the consumer incentive to turn off and go to sleep. But, with the binge user in mind, they are much more likely to jam pack action scenes and twisted plots throughout every episode. Have you seen House of Cards?

I do believe that this helps put Netflix in the same category as premiere television networks like HBO and Showtime. They already have the fantastic production quality that parallels those networks. Except, I do believe that producing with the binge user in mind will set Netflix apart into a whole new tier. I also think that consumers are much more likely to grow faithful to Netflix as customers than they would to other premiere networks. However, HBO’s recent Apple TV stunt might prove otherwise.1

Some might be wondering what I meant by fluff-episode. Nothing new is happening, they’re just rehashing old threats, everybody looks frantic, love stories are wading through the same rough waters. You get the picture. I remember as a kid, I would love to watch Dragonball Z everyday after school. And it killed me as I got older that most of the episodes were just the hero and the villain standing around speaking taunts at one another. That is the epitome of fluff-content.


  1. See HBO Now where consumers no longer have to belong to a tv subscription club, but can order HBO à la carte through Apple TV.