Quote du Jour - Bill Hull

The pastor is “to prepare God’s people for works of service” (Ephesians 4:12). Conditioning for ministry is the real need of God’s people. This is God’s priority for His people. The battle begins here: What will the pastor choose, which way does he go? Does he submit to the desires and pressures of God’s people, if they oppose God’s stated purpose? The disciple-making pastor has the courage of his convictions, digs in his heels, and stays the course. He commits himself to motivating people to do what they don’t want so they can become what God wants them to be.

Christians behave very much like “wanna be” athletes. When the lights are turned on and the stands are filled with screaming fans, the frustrated athlete says, “I could be out there; I’m as good as those guys.” He might possess the proper talent to be a team member, but if he is not willing to prepare to play, his desires and opinions only become a means of frustration. Long before the lights went on and the fans filled the stadium, the athletes engaged in a grueling preparation that tested their inner resources.{{1}}

—Bill Hull



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[[1]]Bill Hull, The Disciple-Making Pastor (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1999), 92.[[1]]