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How to reset your modem from your computer

Learn how to reset your cable modem without leaving the computer

Binge Watching Improves Television

Daredevil is now released on Netflix. And just like other shows on Netflix, you can binge watch the entire season. Why would Netflix do this? I’m not so sure of the business benefits. But, I definitely think the

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Speak Up for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

According to Google Trends, majority of the country’s conservative states are not interested in the heated debate around Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The Indiana senate passed the

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Tracking the Christian Holocaust

Here we will be keeping track of the annihilation of Christian peoples around the world as Isis & other radical militants build their caliphate. This is an effort to awaken the public’s eyes to the severity of world-wide persecution against

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It’s that time again.

I’ve come to get that itch that originally drove me to start this blog in the first place. I’m being driven to just open a vein and talk about the things that are on my mind. But, I don’t plan on following the rules of good blogging

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Help get my letter to Dr. Hankins for the targeted Fathers of our Faith

I wrote a letter to LBC Exec. Dir., Dr. Hankins asking to plead with Dr. Aguillard at Louisiana College for the Fathers of our Faith. He is yet to respond. Will you please take a copy to him for us?

DeYoung on Being “Pastoral”

Kevin DeYoung on being a "pastoral" shepherd in your church. What does the word mean and what does it imply for pastors? There are some things needing clarification in our churches.

Michael B. Shepherd on God’s People, City, and Glory

Michael Shepherd lends commentary on the book of Daniel concerning the motive that God saves his people and his city—for his own name's sake.

Carson on The God of Power

D.A. Carson offers an inspiring quote on the God of Power and how we should be calling for his glory to be magnified.

Trip Lee Impromptu Poet: Christian Rap for Moms

In all honesty. This is for Mom. I have a great relationship with my mom. I became a Christian in my bedroom with the Bible open. It was there that these words became a reality in my life:

When our eyes are opened by the influences of divine grace

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